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Lane Shark

Front End Loader Mounted Brush Cutter

Lane Shark USA™ Brush Cutters are designed for high performance cutting of vegetation, saplings, and undergrowth from overgrown hunting lanes, roads, tree plantations, agricultural areas, retention ponds, and forested terrain. With cutting angles ranging from 0° -90°, the LS2 is capable of reducing encroaching overgrowth along a wide variety of flat and sloped terrain alike.


  • Engineered for smaller hydraulic systems than those manufactured for most skid steers.
  • An inexpensive solution for cutting slopes compared to units used by many local municipalities.
  • Easily cuts 2-4" saplings, underbrush, and limbs on slopes around ponds and in tight spots.
  • The only residential/small form unit available for cutting vertically. Ideal for for maintaining roods, trails, plantations, hunting lanes and more.
  • American mode using American parts and labor.

11 Cutting Positions

Level with ground directly in front of (ssqa only) or to the right side of machine, 25° - 45° great for ditches, pond edges, slopes, and 90° perfect for hunting lanes, roads, and tree plantation rows.

Two Sided Blades

Allows for cleaner cuts and extends blade life span. Easy to remove and flip to keep cutting.

Deck Construction

Cutting deck is constructed of 1 /8" plate and 5/16" plate reinforcement for the spindle and motor mount. Additional reinforcement using l / 4" angle iron throughout.

Offset Cutting Position

Add 41 inches to cut width while coupled with a rear PTO brush cutter.

Open Front Design

Blades protrude 2 inches from the center of the deck allowing for a closer cut and easier access to dense brush.


Any midsize tractor with SSQA attachment system

All skid-steers (may require additional hydraulic components to reduce flow / pressure)

Contact us to ensure compatibility with your machine.


Contact us: or 979-885-3549


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Front End Loader Mounted Brush Cutter
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Front End Loader Mounted Brush Cutter
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