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Mishaps and Funny Farm Photos

Mishaps, misfortune, and just plain dumb. Here are some interesting photos of calamities that have occurred on the farm or with farm equipment. We can't explain them all. Most don't need explaining. If you have some that you would like to share, send them to

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Kubota Zero Turn Flip Tractor
Tractor stuck in mud Cab Tractor Stuck
John Deere Tractor Stuck Tractor in Ditch
Stuck Tractor Tractor stuck on beach
Tractor crash Combine accident
Tractor Accident Stuck Tractor
Tractor in ditch Tractor Accident
Tractor in pond Buried tractor
Combine Accident Stuck tractor on farm
Tractor Crash Tractor Flood
Ford Tractor Stuck in mud Tractor Fire
Forklift accident Trackhoe stuck in mud
Ford Tractor in Lake Ford Tractor lake
Ford tractor recovered from lake diver on ford tractor
redneck tractor forklift madness
tractor rollover tractor roll over
Massey Ferguson Tractor stuck in mud tractor in mud
Tractor accident farm tractor stuck
tractor stunt tractor roll over
tractor crash case tractor accident
tractor fell off bridge tractor train accident
John Deere tractor hit by train tractor hit by train
hot rod tractor hot rod antique tractor
tractor in the ice John Deere accident
tractor on beach tractor in the mud
general farm funnies
tractor pilot error flying tractor
dump truck accident john deere tractor stuck in field
dozer in mud tractor over cliff
three wheeled tractor

pilot error
Massey Tractor Stuck

Kubota Tractor Flip

These photos have been sent to us by our friends, customers, and complete strangers. If by chance you are the copyright owner of any of these photos, please let us know. We'll remove it or give you credit.


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