Keeping it Clean

fuel source maintenance

Meet the one responsible for countless equipment failures every year.

Clean fuel is critical to keeping all of your equipment running properly. Do you have an overhead bulk fuel tank or a couple of five-gallon cans in your barn that you take to town to fill with fuel? Either way, the best addition you can make to your fueling routine is a funnel with a filter screen. It is very common for frustrated equipment owners to bring their tractor, mower, or chain saw in for repair because “it doesn’t have the same power it used to have” or “it runs fine for a while and then runs rough.”

funnel with screen

The fuel nozzle to your overhead fuel tank or the hose on your fuel can looks like a cozy place for a nap to numerous creatures. When fuel is added to the tank, the unsuspecting spider, frog, or lizard is washed into the tank where its remains wreak havoc on fuel flow. We recommend that a funnel with a screen filter is used every time fuel is added to the tank regardless of the fuel source. This small investment will save much frustration and the expense of having to flush a fuel system to remove debris.